2019 Eureka Summer Strength & Conditioning Camp Registration Form

2019 Eureka Summer Strength & Conditioning Camp Registration Form
This form is to be complete by any Eureka athlete (or future athlete) who wishes to attend the 2018 Summer strength and conditioning camp. The camp is open to Boys/Girls entering into grades entering in to grades 7-12. Athletes must be in attendance of Eureka high school or plan to after their middle school years.

Mission of Camp: Providing athletes of all ages a professional experience in which workouts are tiered to train all aspects of athletes. Campers will learn proper technique and master skills necessary for success in their desired fitness level or sports specialty(s).

Strength: All athletes will have 4 days a week in the brand new weight facility. ALL athletes will get time in the weightroom to master their skills. The schedule/set-up will allow for maximum workout time for athletes to build strength work on new skills, and help them develop their overall athleticism. We will vary the workouts to train all aspects of athletic development.

Weight Room (Core Lifts): Bench, Clean, Back/Front Squat

Assisted Lifts: We will incorporate all lifts that will further develop athletic movements.

Running: Workouts will include speed, agility and endurance workouts

Flexibility: Dynamic, Static, and ballistic stretching will be used to prevent and improve athletes body flexibility

Plyometrics: Box Jumps, Jump Rope, and other various jumping movements will be used to train jumping explosion

Payment Info:

If you wish to pay online (Preferred method of registration for 2018):

1. Click on one of these links to pay:

Make sure to go to Eureka High School athletics and click on the correct button named:

Eureka Summer Weightlifting Camp

2. Save the in-touch receipt number

3. Fill out the Google form below & submit, with check # or in-touch receipt.

Session #1= 7:30-10:00 All High School Boy/Girl Athletes
Session #2= 9:30-11:30 All Middle school Boy/girl Athletes 7th/8th)

Week #1 3rd-6th Dead Week 1st-5th
Week #2 10th-13th Week #5 8th-11th
Week #3 17th-20st Week #6 15th-18th
Week #4 24th-27th Week #7 22nd -25th

*You must fill out this form for every child who plans to attend camp- We will not allow kids to attend if we do not have this form.

*Cost: $165 per kid
$125 each additional kid
$30 Late fee if turned in after 5/245/18

If you do not wish to complete this online form please have your child get a handout from Coach Sumner or any PE teacher at EHS. It will need to be mailed in to the address below. A printable version can be found on the EHS High school web site in the athletics tab.

If you wish to mail a check please send to the below address.

Address the check should be mailed to:

Eureka High School
4525 Hwy 109
Eureka, MO 63025

Attn: Jake Sumner
Summer Strength & Conditioning camp

Questions Please Contact Coach Sumner:

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