7 Things You Know To Be True If You Live In Eureka, Missouri

7 Things You Know To Be True If You Live In Eureka, Missouri

It’s the picture perfect small town USA.

1. Everyone knows everyone

Anytime you go to Walmart or the Farmers Market you guaranteed to be there an hour longer than planned because you run into at least 10 people you know.

2. Fourth of July is the best

As 7:00 roles around there is chairs and blankets everywhere and kids are running around with popsicles laughing. People eating hotdogs and cracking open a cold drink relax to a summer night. The band plays music and kids dance in the street or play backyard games by the park. When the time comes for fireworks the same patriotic music rings through the street that takes you back to your childhood. As the fireworks explode in the sky you can hear the oh’s and ah’s from each child. High school kids holding hands with there dates and generations of families make memories. No one says it but as the music plays something about the atmosphere connects everyone together to one big family.

3. But don’t forget Eureka days

The same rides fill the streets and fields by old town with the same Ferris wheel that holds a memory for every person who’s enjoyed it. Kids run around with cotton candy and blue dyed faces. Young lovers hold hands and middle school kids walk around in large groups. Thursday $1 ride nights are the best thing all year long. The vibe in the air is indescribable but it is a feeling and weekend that reminds us why we call this small corner of the world home.

4. Jellystone lights

Cars line up bumper to bumper to see the display of Christmas lights streamed across the park. The glimmering lights always raise the Christmas spirit.

5. In some families, 3 or more generations have attended Eureka High School

When teachers take attendance that first day freshman year if you had family members who graduated Eureka you get asked at least three times is so and so related to you. It’s also really cool to graduate from the same school as family members such as your dad or mom.

6. Six Flags…

I don’t really need to say much. Either you love it or you hate it. However, during fright fest, the park is packed and during the summer it’s filled with tourist. That’s a whole other story…

7. Easter egg hunts and pizza with Santa

You have probably been attending these since birth.

There’s so much more about Eureka to love that can not be described on paper. It is the feeling of the buzz in the old town on a summer night, fall nights at football games and Saturday morning Eureka parade. It is the sense of family and closeness that makes this small town so great. Eureka is a town they sing about in country songs that draws you in. Eureka is a peaceful and beautiful part of the world that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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