WILDWOOD, MO –  The Wildwood City Council voted and passed an ordinance to allow the Hidden Valley Ski Resort to move forward on the installation of its controversial plan for a zip line project at the ski resort.

In a 13 to 3 vote the Wildwood City Council voted to approve the zip line with the recommendations given to them by the Planning and Parks Committee.

The zip line resolution the council voted on stated that the zip line to be open from 9 a.m. until sunset. It will operate for 12 months out of the year and Hidden Valley will move one of the lines further away from resident’s homes than initially planned.

For months the topic of allowing Hidden Valley to operate all year round with zip lines has been debated in the City of Wildwood.

The word most used before Monday’s night vote was “compromise”.

Hidden Valley said they compromised with residents by moving line four further away from homes and taking out their lights and PA system.

Residents said Hidden Valley is still violating noise regulations and building outside of permitted lines.

Tonight the city of wildwood will make their final decision on the fate of Hidden Valley @FOX2now

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